Month: June, 2013

Why We Run


The design of the UFO for this cartoon is loosely based on the flying saucers found on the sign for Nevada Highway 375. In 1996, the governor of Nevada renamed the highway “Extraterrestrial Highway” and had two UFO’s put on the sign. In retrospect, it would have been fun and fitting to draw the runner on a stretch of desert highway rather than running past a farm.


The Running Buddy


It seems unfair that so often your loyal running companion is not included in the race day fun. There are in fact races that allow your best friend to line up with you at the start line. Here are ten races to do with your dog. Maybe Joe will enter a dog-friendly race next time.

First Sign of Spring


No one loves the arrival of Spring more than a runner. Runners do become attached to their fancy (expensive) winter running gear. But after months of layering, it’s time to throw off  those hi-tech fabrics and feel the fresh air against your skin. Look out your window and you’ll see the first sign of Spring: a runner’s bare calves.