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Non-Runners vs Runners (and a Deadly Snake)


Fact: running makes you tougher than the average person. If you can push yourself to go out for a long, hilly run on a rainy, cold night in November with tight hamstrings, well, you can handle most any adversity. Notice how the non-runner can’t even fall down a hole gracefully but the plummeting runner looks like an Olympic long jumper. Couldn’t resist.

The Runner’s High


The runner’s high is a special thing, a gift that seemingly comes from the heavens after a hard effort on the roads. Yes, we runners are junkies, craving our euphoric drug of choice. The good news is we need not invite life threatening risk into our lives just to experience a rush. Yet another reason running is groovy, man. Listen to this fascinating piece on the runner’s high on NPR.

Why We (Might) Skip Our Morning Run (Maybe)


Missing your early morning run is a deflating start to any runner’s day. But there are some legit (and not so legit) reasons why even a highly motivated runner might bail when that alarm clock sounds. I bet you know even more excuses…I mean reasons. I’ll be exploring more in future strips because this topic is endless, or so I’ve been told.

No Bonking In Spanish!


Apparently No Bonking works in Spanish! A Spanish runner took it upon himself to translate this strip and tweet it out to his over 41 thousand followers. Good to see the strip resonants with runners around the world. He also decided to erase the website address from the first panel. ¡Qué vergüenza!

Winter’s Warriors



This strip came to me after enduring an ice storm that left us without power for three days just before Christmas.

New Year’s Resolution 2014

nobonking_20This woman is going to have herself a great 2014, don’t you think?


New Running App


We’ve all seen less useful apps than this one. This app could actually help increase your mileage. Of course there are some issues with this app. Like how much would the shoulder harness retail for and could you get it in a variety of cool colours? But this cartoon is not just a gag. It brings attention to an issue important to runners. Running while distracted by technology can be hazardous. Our hero is about to find out why. Traffic is also dangerous.

100% Synthetic


Gone are the days of the baggy cotton shirt and the cotton track pants. Runners now resemble superheroes in their bright, fitted, sexy running apparel engineered using specially designed synthetic fibres. But for all the science, technology and innovation that goes into a pricey glow-in-the-dark running shirt, there is one flaw the running companies can’t seem to iron out. One run and that shirt is done, off to the laundry basket smelling like you failed to wash it for a month. So resist the urge to scoff the next time you see a runner in a cotton t-shirt. She’s being frugal and in more ways than one. Think of the money she’s saving on detergent.