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The Sky is Falling…or is it?



This week’s freezing rain left every tree branch encrusted in ice. During my morning run today, the ice was raining down but rather than melting, the ice cracked and fell like little pieces of delicate glass. The sound was most impressive: a constant, magical tinkling of crystal. Beautiful and weird weather phenomena are part of the joy of getting outdoors for your run. Helmet optional.


How To Run Faster Hill Repeats



Now THAT’S Fast!


This early Sunday morning I was not the Fastest on the Hill. Not even close. That distinction easily goes to the 65 year old downhill racer training on inline skates. He also wins Bravest on the Hill, or, perhaps, Craziest on the Hill. Masters athletes (old folks with busy lives who continue to challenge themselves by competing in sport) are out there and are impressive, inspiring, and yes, a little bit crazy. Aging has never been so fun!

Stretch and Sketch


Stretch and Sketch


Just returned from a very snowy run and sketched this while I stretched. This was the question on my mind as I navigated through the quiet, snow-covered streets. Having had my share of ankle sprains and looking to maintain good form, I tried both roads. In the end, the mystery of what lay under the fresh powder was too much to bear after an almost turned ankle. I chose the road most taken.