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Running Truth: Your Running Buddy


If you run with your dog, you know this feeling (and this look) all too well.


The Sky is Falling…or is it?



This week’s freezing rain left every tree branch encrusted in ice. During my morning run today, the ice was raining down but rather than melting, the ice cracked and fell like little pieces of delicate glass. The sound was most impressive: a constant, magical tinkling of crystal. Beautiful and weird weather phenomena are part of the joy of getting outdoors for your run. Helmet optional.

Runner vs Non-Runner Holiday Edition


I wear compression socks. In the colder months I wear them under my long running pants (stressing the UNDER my long running pants). They are my most peculiar piece of running apparel. Pulling them on is harder than the impending run. The odds of tearing your hammy pulling them off  is dangerously high. Let’s face it, these high-tech, boa-constrictor-tight, schoolgirl knee socks are inherently funny even if you don’t use them as stockings. Happy Holidays!

Runner (in Pantsuit) vs Non-Runner


We’ve all heard taking the stairs instead of the elevator adds years to your life. For a runner, choosing the stairs is even more of a no-brainer. We possess strong legs, powerful lungs and crave oxygen debt, right? See you in the stairwell!

Running Dog Vs Non-Running Cat


Peter de Seve’s cover for The New Yorker this week reminds me of this NoBonking strip from last year.

First Day of Spring 2015

SK_Running_April3_2015Coming up with new material for future running strips…