How To Run Faster Hill Repeats




Now THAT’S Fast!


This early Sunday morning I was not the Fastest on the Hill. Not even close. That distinction easily goes to the 65 year old downhill racer training on inline skates. He also wins Bravest on the Hill, or, perhaps, Craziest on the Hill. Masters athletes (old folks with busy lives who continue to challenge themselves by competing in sport) are out there and are impressive, inspiring, and yes, a little bit crazy. Aging has never been so fun!

Running Dog Vs Non-Running Cat


Peter de Seve’s cover for The New Yorker this week reminds me of this NoBonking strip from last year.

Non-Runners vs Runners (and a Deadly Snake)


Fact: running makes you tougher than the average person. If you can push yourself to go out for a long, hilly run on a rainy, cold night in November with tight hamstrings, well, you can handle most any adversity. Notice how the non-runner can’t even fall down a hole gracefully but the plummeting runner looks like an Olympic long jumper. Couldn’t resist.

First Day of Spring 2015

SK_Running_April3_2015Coming up with new material for future running strips…

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


This strip was inspired by the growing number of people wearing Santa hats this time of year, runners and non-runners alike. Check out the Salvation Army’s Santa Shuffle for lots of runners wearing Santa hats running to help families in need during the Christmas season.

The Runner’s High


The runner’s high is a special thing, a gift that seemingly comes from the heavens after a hard effort on the roads. Yes, we runners are junkies, craving our euphoric drug of choice. The good news is we need not invite life threatening risk into our lives just to experience a rush. Yet another reason running is groovy, man. Listen to this fascinating piece on the runner’s high on NPR.

1001 Running Stories to Inspire!


We runners all look for inspiration every time we go for a run. But be warned: overly inspired running can lead to trouble, and tears. This strip was inspired by a long run through Central Park that started with me way too thrilled to be running in Manhattan and ended with a foot injury.

Stretch and Sketch


Why We (Might) Skip Our Morning Run (Maybe)


Missing your early morning run is a deflating start to any runner’s day. But there are some legit (and not so legit) reasons why even a highly motivated runner might bail when that alarm clock sounds. I bet you know even more excuses…I mean reasons. I’ll be exploring more in future strips because this topic is endless, or so I’ve been told.